Alarms in Aberdeen


Here at watson alarms we have been specialists in intruder alarms since 1985, we have been part of the NSI (NACOSS) approval board since 1988 and take great pride in being the only local family company with this accreditation in grampian.

Todays commercial alarm systems are subject to a grading process, our surveyor will check the premises to determine how high a risk you are and what type of grade of system is required. eg
GRADE 2 - MEDIUM RISK - large domestic or small commercial business
GRADE 3 - HIGH RISK- high risk domestic or large commercial business
The grade 2 systems will cover most businesses and households
(using a grade 2 dualcom dialler)

The grade 3 systems will cover all high risk houses and businesses
(using a grade 4 dualcom dialler)

These systems both use a vodaphone simcard gsm device to backup the main phoneline so if the phoneline is cut the alarm will still send an intruder signal on the vodaphone network, thus always calling the call centre/police
please use our request a survey page to arrange an appointment

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All of our systems use proxtags to allow the setting/unsetting of the alarm system. These can also be used for door entry systems using the same tags for ease of use.

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